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Want to join one of our amazing Bible studies? Join us in community at 9:30am for one of our adult Bible studies. Each of our Bible studies either follow The Gospel Project (a chronological, Christ-centered study that examines how all Scripture gives testimony to the Gospel) or Explore the Bible (a book-by-book study that takes participants deep into Scripture revealing context to understand its original intent and promoting transformation through God's Word). Currently, most of our classes are in person, with some offering a hybrid format. Contact the church offices for more information

    Young Adult     30s - 40s     Room 401
    The Vine     30s - 40s     Room 400
    Median Adult 1a      40s - 50s     Fellowship Hall B
    Median Adult 1b     40s - 50s     Room 134
    Median Adult 2     50s - 70s     Room 420
    Median Adult 3     70s     Fellowship Hall A
    Median Adult 4     70s     Room 412
    Senior Adult 1 + 2     70s+     Room 414

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