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First Baptist Church Tomball History and Vision

FBC-Tomball was first organized in 1909 and met under a brush arbor at Main & Walnut Streets. Over the years, the church grew and newer worship centers were built and dedicated to the Lord in 1921, 1949, and again in 1986 on Houston and Oxford Streets in the Old Town area of Tomball. 

Now in 2023, FBCT again is being led to develop modern worship center and classroom facilities on the new Parkway Campus property which was purchased in 2003 for this very purpose of relocating our entire campus.


Situated strategically just north of the “Four Corners” intersection along SH-249 Business and between Quinn, Rudel, and Hicks Streets, we plan to build facilities that will represent Christ's Kingdom on the 32 acres of undeveloped land previously purchased.

While we are enthusiastic about the future and what God will do for our church body, we are also building with the community in mind. We have already built a multi-functional pavilion, restroom facilities and parking for a variety of church and community activities as our initial footprint on this new campus.

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Recent Planning

Architectural and civil engineering planning has been underway for several years to develop a master plan on the campus with building locations, parking and driveway access, and phased development of the facilities.

Presently, an initial structure (Phase 1) is planned that will include a new worship center with large lobby and a classroom wing for children, youth, and adults, along with parking and driveway entrance from Quinn Rd adjacent to the existing pavilion.

As a part of the encompassing master plan, future space is available and laid out for a larger worship center and expanded facilities for all age groups and ministries, along with parking and additional driveway entrances, including from SH-249B.

This initial phase of architectural & engineering study, termed “Concept Selection”, conducted in 2022 with Merriman-Holt-Powell Architects (MHPA), culminated with an interactive Townhall congregational meeting on August 21, 2022 in which the master plan was presented for Q&A along with a project timeline and realistic cost estimate for Phase 1, based on collaborative work with our general contractor, Paradigm Construction.


Activity in 2023

Architectural & engineering study, termed “Schematic Design, (the second phase of a normal five-phase architectural development process), progressed during the 1st Quarter and early weeks of the 2nd Quarter.  Additional details to the design of the future Phase 1 portion of the Parkway Campus plan were developed and an updated full cost estimate was then provided by our general contractor, Paradigm.  This included evaluation and consideration of all aspects of the building plan (floor layouts, structure, spacing for mechanical systems, etc) in addition to parking, utility connections, and rainfall runoff/detention.  Based on the cost update during this period, considerable optimization of space and cost reduction evaluations occurred to refine the design and bring project costs to a perceived achievable balance.

Therefore, planning progressed into the third architectural phase termed “Design Development” during the 2nd Quarter.  Subcontractors were selected for structural engineering, mechanical-electrical-plumbing, fire protection so that specific design aspects can be evaluated and more closely priced to stay within budget.   

This continued architectural and construction study along with subsequent phases of the design process will continue into the 3rd Quarter. This will include more detail of material selections such as interior finishes and products (windows, doors, fixtures, etc).

Capital Fundraising Campaign

Our ministerial staff have continued video-conferencing with our capital campaign consultants, Generis, every two weeks throughout the first half of this year and will continue as we move forward through the remainder of the year.  This consultation is providing guidance on overall scheduling, development of materials, publicity information, message themes, planning meetings with congregational groups, and financial goal planning. 

During May and June, six small-group congregational meetings were held by all of the ministerial staff to provide the vision of the project, review the basic design planning and schedule, and initiate preparation for the capital campaign.  So far, over 100 members have been able to attend and participate in these intimate sharing and discussion sessions.  Additional such meetings during the 3rd Quarter will also be scheduled for those that have not been able to attend yet. 

In careful consultation with Generis, who have reviewed all of our historical financial data and giving records over the past several years, a target of $2.25 million has been established for our capital campaign this fall.  Individual contribution data provided to them by our financial office have been viewed by only Generis staff and remains anonymous to all other FBCT staff, the building team, admin team, or any other FBCT members.

The focus of the capital campaign will occur during September through November of this year with sermons and other promotional activities occurring.  Commitment Sunday is planned for November 12, 2023 and results will be tabulated and shared by mid-December.

Construction Planning

With the above described architectural design work and project planning process over the past year, our current estimate for completion of Phase 1 is approximately $8.9 million, including all building features, parking, and detention ponds.  From earlier designs reviewed and cost estimating work, some significant building features and cost reductions have been made to bring the project total to this level.  These adjustments also included effects on sizing of parking design and rainfall detention ponds to meet requirements.  

It is currently planned that the worship center will seat 400 persons, a modest lobby/gathering area, a secure kid’s hallway with classrooms, a youth room, and four classrooms which will multi-function as adult Sunday School rooms, minister’s offices during the week, and other small group meetings.  

In these sizing exercises and as our attendance grows, our Sunday morning schedule will most likely be two worship services with two concurrent Sunday School sessions.  A third early morning Sunday School period may also be added or at some other convenient time to fit our needs.  Therefore, our Sunday morning schedule could occur as follows:

  • 8:00am Sunday School classes
  • 9:30am Worship Service & Sunday School (primary hour for children and youth classes)
  • 11:00am Worship Service & Sunday School (with children’s worship available)

Construction and Long-term Financing

Our prayer and vision is that commitments and contributions will exceed the capital campaign target and cash flow needs as we enter the construction phase for Phase 1.  But for ensuring our ability to meet the total cost and cash flow for completing the project once construction activity has begun, we will be applying for construction financing approval to fill any gaps between the weekly construction cost requirements and our available funds as work progresses.  Additionally, terms of financing would be such that the outstanding debt may be converted into an extended payoff plan and without any penalty for early payoff.

Therefore, the financial view for the construction of Phase 1 is as follows:

Net Sale of Oxford St. Campus (less Parkway property payoff)

$3.9 MM

Capital Campaign Target

2.25 MM 

Financing Required

2.25 MM

Misc (net of interest received & maintenance savings from Oxford sale, and interest required during construction)

0.5 MM
Total  8.9 MM


Phase 1 Project Timeline

The present view of our overall project schedule is:

  • Autumn 2023 - Capital Fundraising Campaign
  • Year-End 2023 - Completion of all Phases of Architectural Design
  • Winter 2023-24 - Permitting, Procurement
  • Spring 2024 - Begin Construction
  • July 2025 - Move-In


For additional reference (websites):

Check back to this site often for updates on our progress this year as we seek to develop this new campus for serving Tomball and our communities with the light of the Lord.

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